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Advanced construction techniques are ushering in a new era of building country homes that offer the best of all worlds.


Today, new technologies mean living in a rustic rural setting does not mean one has to give up the amenities enjoyed by people living in cities closer to essential services, such as high-speed internet, access to clean alternative energy, effective sewer systems, economical water supply, modern heating/cooling and the incredible convenience that can be leveraged by IoT, the Internet of Things.


Perhaps the most important trend in building modern homes is making them eco-friendly and leveraging alternative sources of energy — while not breaking the bank. Architects are designing homes with more windows to take advantage of passive solar heating.


They also have at their disposal special materials that reduce the transfer of heat between home and street. Advanced insulation products make storing heat inside the home more efficient during cold winter months and prevent the loss of cool air during the warm summer.


Solar panels are less expensive and more efficient than ever. In fact, solar energy is now on par, and in most cases cheaper, than traditional home-power methods, such as electricity from the grid, natural gas and others. It’s easier than ever to go “off-grid” with autonomous solar energy without the need to scrimp on power usage.


There are new trends in the selection of architectural designs for country homes. A few of them are:


One Story Homes


Building one-story allows combining the functionality of the interior space and the adjacent plot. For example, occupants can access a lawn or a terrace from the bedroom, living room or kitchen. This offers a sense of spaciousness to compensate for the lack of higher/lower dimensionality offered by a multi-story house


Shed Roofing


Shed roofs can be arranged in a cascade formation and replace traditional gabled and hip roofs. The important thing here is that shed roofs do not connect the ridges. This creates a striking and modern silhouette for a house.


Sharing Kitchen and Living Room Space


The unification of kitchen space with living room space offers advantages, such as making the most of limited space inside smaller homes. Smaller homes are less costly to build. For those who still want to separate the kitchen and living room, moveable doors and panels are becoming popular.